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Precision and geometric haircuts. Pixelated hair coloring. Balayage + Vivid colors. Curly hair.

Instagram: @tiffanyshuck

Licensed stylist and at VAIN since 2010.

Advanced Deva Curl certified.

You’ve got awesome fine hair. What advice do you have for the fine-haired people out there? 
I love working with fine hair. Fine hair requires products that are made for that specific hair type. You don’t want to use any shampoos, conditioners, or products that will weigh down your hair. Also, if your fine hair is curly or wavy you should embrace it because it will make your hair appear a lot fuller. 

What’s your secret weapon for having great hair?
Volumizing dry shampoo. It’s like backcombing in a bottle. For anyone who likes their hair big and wild, this is the product for you.
Also have a haircut that is customized for your face shape and a color that will go with your skin tone.

What advice do you have for someone who wants a hair change but isn’t sure what exactly to do?
Try bangs! There are so many different styles of bangs to choose from such as a thick swoop, straight across, short and piecey, Bettie bangs, etc. 
Exploring a new hair color is another great way to switch things up.

Best hair ever and why? 
I am very inspired by punk and rockabilly subculture. I also love the fashion and hair from the mid 1950s to early 1960s.
Everyone’s hair was always looking fabulous! Retro hairstyles are definitely my favorite. I love roller set styles and pompadours. 

Interests/hobbies outside of VAIN? 
I love sewing, painting, and traveling. Anything crafty really. Going to shows and exploring the city. Thrift shopping and collecting antiques. I still think about doing hair when I’m not at work—I’m always trying to learn new techniques.