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“Today is the day.”

Curly hair. Fine hair. Corrective cuts. Fantasy color (requires consultation). Conceptual styles.

Licensed stylist + with VAIN since 2008.

What does “conceptual stylist” mean to you?
When I meet with a client, I see the whole person. I like to help them evolve into their own individuality—working with what they have and their lifestyle, but helping them to implement and build their own story. Hair is just one part of a person’s whole style concept.

How long have you wanted to do hair?
I’ve been obsessed with hair my whole life. It feels like something that’s just built in for me. I’m constantly thinking about it, noticing strangers on the bus and daydreaming about new styles for them.

Are there things you enjoy about doing hair at VAIN specifically?
There’s a structured freedom here. We all get support and trust at the same time, and we bring in such a diverse clientele. I feel like being at VAIN really allows me to evolve as a stylist.

Do you have a theme song?
Bjork – Enjoy

What influences your own style?
I grew up with a punk mom and a dad who is an oil painter. They both have such distinct senses of personal style. Growing up surrounded by that culture, I learned at a young age to have an eye for unique moments. I see things and just know they’re right.