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Long, pretty layers. Small changes for big impact. Fringe! All types. Dreadlocks. Synth dreadlocks. Not everyday mom hair. Easy to wear and maintain styles.

Licensed stylist since 2012. At VAIN since 2012.
DevaCurl inspired stylist.

What do you love about doing hair? 
I love problem solving, using my hands and being creative, making connections with clients, and helping people feel better about themselves and their hair.
I’ve been a sculptor for the past 10 years and have now embraced hair as my new medium!

What inspires you as a hairstylist? 
Everything! My family, the natural world, fashion, art, history.

What’s your approach with new clients? 
Listen to what they want and need. Build trust and communication and then jump in!

You already have a strong client following for easy-to-maintain “not mom” hair. Tell us about that.
First of all, “not mom” hair isn’t just for moms! Whether you’re a parent or not, we all fall into hair ruts sometimes and most of us don’t have a lot of time to put into our hair. But as far as moms go, I’m a mom myself and I know how hard it is to get out of the house looking even somewhat put together. It’s hard enough to get the kid out the door! I know how much better I feel when I look good and I love to help other moms look their best in the least amount of time. New fringe, a shorter do, or just new tips and tricks to put your hair up in a different way can make a big difference.  

Why do you think moms should explore atypical styles? 
I don’t think moms should feel like they have to cut their hair off or compromise their sense of style when they have a baby. You can still rock awesome hair with only 5-10 minutes to style it. I want moms to still feel like their own person and not “just” a mom! I love an easy to style and grow out look with a little twist. A bit of undercutting, edgy fringe, small pops of color. I like to bring a bit of the unexpected to basic styles.

What’s your secret weapon for great hair? 
The right shampoo and conditioner can solve so many issues! Giving your hair the moisture and care it needs solves so many problems. They’re the products you use the most and too often people skimp on them. If your hair starts healthy you can save a bunch on other products and styling time. The right shampoo and conditioner can turn frizz into beautiful curl! 

You’ve joined the ranks of dreadlock pros here at VAIN. What do you like about dreads? 
I love the volume and possibilities of dreadlocks. They give you sculptural and versatile hair. I’ve had dreadlocks for 8 years and I prefer them to any hairstyle I have ever had…and I have had them all, from a shaved head to hair past my elbows!

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever been given? 
It grows back! Try anything once…

Favorite products right now?
I love the DevaCurl line.  My whole family uses the “no poo” products and they’re amazing! Helped my husband’s dandruff and my dry scalp and my son thinks the name is funny. And none of us have curly hair!

What are your style influences? 
I love the shape and style of the Victorian era, but mixing it up to be more modern.

Any notable hair experiences?
I had the opportunity to do hair at SakuraCon—crazy braided extension cages around models’ faces and big beautiful bouncy curls. It was my first time working with a designer who had a real vision for his models and as an artist I appreciated that.

Life and interests outside of VAIN? 
Family (husband and 4 year old), cooking, crafts, cosplay, knitting, BFA in Ceramics, BIS in Art Therapy. I teach art at SAM and ceramics at Kirkland Arts Center, and have a studio in Fremont.