Fine textures. Curls. Asymmetrical cuts. Carving.
Bobs. Pixie cuts. Barber styles. Beards. Mohawks.
Fantasy colors. Reds. Balayage.

At VAIN since 2017. Licensed since 2011.

What do you love about doing hair?
I love cultivating strong relationships with my clients and making them look and feel beautiful. This is a great career for me because every day is different and every client has their own vision and needs to address.

What inspires you as a hairstylist?
Beautiful hair. I’m forever checking out people’s hair -- at home, at the gym, at brunch when you ran out the door and didn't do anything to it. I’m all about helping my clients feel confident about their look. I like taking continuing education classes and watching my colleagues at work to get ideas and learn new techniques. And I always check out the slightly unrealistic Pinterest ideas that people post. Even when images are Photoshopped and filtered, it’s inspiring to figure out how we make could it happen in real life.

What's your approach with new clients?
I start by asking questions about styles you’ve loved and hated in the past. I always encourage clients to bring pictures – they’re a great way for us to get on the same page about what you have in mind. From there, I formulate a plan, talk it through with my client, and then put the plan into action. I like to demystify what I’m doing so that clients can follow along and make informed decisions as we go.

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
A terrible haircut at age 12 first got me thinking about doing hair. At the time, I thought that I could’ve done a better job myself. A few years later, when I was finishing up high school, I realized that a career as a stylist would suit my outgoing personality and artistic bent so I moved to Seattle to make it happen.  

Tell us about your education and professional experience.
I studied at Gene Juarez in Seattle and earned by license in 2011. I went on to Rudy’s Barbershop, where I got my hands in a lot of hair and took all the classes I could to further develop my skills.

Life and interests outside of VAIN?
I play roller derby with Rainier Roller Girls and I love creating things -- clothes, art, food. I have a fluffy cat named Smeowg and I rock climb, read, and travel when I can.