All Cycles Donation Drive @ VAIN!

Happy New Year from your friends at VAIN! To kick off 2016, all three VAIN locations will be collecting sanitary menstruation products from January 1st through February 20th as part of Seattle's All Cycles Donation Drive.

All Cycles is a community organization that provides menstruation supplies to those in need. During the drive, you can drop off individually packaged sanitary pads and tampons, travel wet wipes, and underwear in various sizes and styles, all of which will be distributed to homeless and income-insecure people in Seattle of any gender or of no gender who have a menstrual cycle. Any additional products will be donated to local shelters and outreach centers in Seattle.

Please consider taking part in our All Cycles Donation Drive if you are able. One of the most difficult things to deal with in times of struggle or homelessness is health, and many in need who experience menstruation lack access to the products that will keep them safe and healthy. 

Stop by VAIN for more information regarding our donation drive and visit All Cycles on Facebook to learn more about the organization. Thanks in advance for your support!