Exploring texture in hair



While we here at VAIN love all things hair, recently we have been concentrating on the wonderful world of texture. Over the next few months, we'll give you a birds-eye view of our explorations, which will include natural texture, modern day perms, dreadlocks, creative styling that encourages texture, and more. 

To kick off this visual adventure, here's TT, one of our amazing stylists. TT has naturally curly hair which she colors, styles, and locks herself. Not content to rock her emerald green dreads in the same style every day, she came up with a cool way to encourage curl and texture. 

She started with towel-dry dreads, which she twisted and secured with a rubber band. She then coiled them into these adorable buns (left), tucking in the ends to keep them in place.

After a couple of days, she unfurled them into delightfully coiled curls (right).


This is just a taste of what's to come as we delve into texture. We want to include all hair types and textures in this conversation as we dream up imaginative ways to create beautiful and original looks.

We can't wait to see what VAIN's stylists will come up with next and hope you'll join us on this exciting adventure.