ON NOW: All Cycles drive for menstrual supplies at VAIN

Our All Cycles Donation Drive ends February 20th, so there's still time to bring pads, tampons, wet wipes, and/or underwear of various sizes and styles to a VAIN location near you.

One of the reasons we love working with All Cycles is their commitment to serving those in need, regardless of gender: 

"We want to make it expressly clear that All Cycles is dedicated to helping all folks with cycles in need. This includes genderqueer, a-gender, and trans men - in addition to cis women and girls. Additionally, having a womb or a period is NOT a requirement to be a woman or girl and we stand against the oppression of all women." -- All Cycles

Now's your chance to help folks with cycles in need. Drop off menstrual products, wet wipes, and underwear at VAIN downtown, West Seattle, or Ballard by February 20.