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Precision cuts + beautiful seamless shapes. Blowouts. Extensions of all kinds. Party styles + polished updos. Creative to specific color. Razor cuts.

Licensed stylist since 2000. At VAIN since 2010. Licensed at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. 10+ years advanced training experience.

Tell us about your specialties and why you enjoy doing them.
I love creating polished styles, whether through cuts, color, updos, or extensions, because I’m a perfectionist. I want my clients to look as good as possible! I do precision cuts as well as cuts with a lot of movement, and I specialize in all kinds of color. I mastered the art of the blowout while living in the South. 

How about your education and advanced training experience?
I studied at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis (home of Aveda) and continued to do advanced training in numerous other cities. I was on an advanced education teaching team in Minneapolis with other stylists at Avant salon. Also, in Richmond, Virginia I co-taught the apprentice program for Salon Del Sol (an Aveda concept salon). I am very well rounded because I have taught nearly everything in cosmetology. 

Tell us about the color you specialize in.
I specialize in color of all kinds. My colors are very detailed in the application. I’ll make your color look like you wished it did! I love doing color melting, where I blend different colors and shades for a gradual effect. No one’s hair color has only one tone to it, so why would I only put one color on your head? Having lived in the South, blondes are definitely one of my specialties. 

What kinds of extensions do you do?
I specialize in extensions of all kinds, but Great Lengths are what I do the most of. Extensions aren’t just for length and volume—they’re great for adding color or even to create the perfect updo for a special event. I’ve used a full head of clip-in extensions to make a large bun for a dramatic style that looked amazing.

What’s your approach with new clients?
LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. Chances are they’re sitting in my chair because the last stylist they had didn’t listen as well as they should have. I always like to show clients something new and something to look forward to for the future of their hair, whether it’s a new styling technique, color, or even a product ritual to help with day-to-day styling.

What are some of your sources of hair inspiration?
I love fashion of all kinds and get inspired everyday by paying attention to what’s around me. Best hair era of all time would probably be the 60s. Extensions were very popular then and people really paid attention to their styles and kept themselves up! I love Ginger’s hairstyles from Gilligan’s Island. Jennifer Lopez always has very polished hair. But what really inspires me is making my clients feel amazing. I love art, hair, people, music, and fashion. How perfect is it that I get to enjoy all of these on a day to day basis?

Describe your own approach to personal style.
My approach to my own hair is to make it look as healthy and seamless as possible. Natural but beautiful! My personal style is very modern and put together. I always like to wear something in my outfit that turns people’s heads. It usually ends up being an amazing pair of boots, but I don’t like to be too predictable.

If you had a motto as a hairstylist, what would it be?
Have fun everyday and never stop being creative. 

Life/interests outside of VAIN?
I love to travel all over the world. I also am very into my health and I love working out. I’m looking forward to all of the outdoor activities I will be able to do here in Seattle!

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