Downtown  206.441.3441
Ballard  206.706.2707

Natural color creator. Balayage. Color correction specialist. Precision haircuts. Soft layers. Textured, edgy cuts. Transformative color.

Licensed since 2006. At VAIN since 2014.

What do you love about doing hair?
Having the ability to make another individual instantly feel better or more confident about their appearance is what gives me the passion and inspiration for this career. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple trim or a full makeover—I get excited to see every client’s reaction. 

Tell us a bit about your love of hair color.
I love to balayage. It allows me to creat beautiful sun-kissed looks that give clients a softer grow-out. While I enjoy creating natural looks, I’m also fearless when it comes to playing with vibrant colors such as reds, blues, and purples. I love creating bold color transformations!

What inspires you as a hairstylist?
My surroundings. At work I love watching and soaking up everyone’s creativity, from my co-workers’ skills to the ideas that clients have for their new looks. I also love to travel to other countries, which it has made me a very open-minded person. It’s fascinating and inspiring to experience other cultures and styles. 

What’s your approach with new clients?
It can be quite intimidating to go to a new salon or a new hairstylist, so I always approach clients with a positive attitude. Communication is key so I take full advantage of the consultation. I ask detailed questions and love to see any photos the client brings along. Photos truly help so don’t be afraid to bring them in! 

What have been some memorable moments for you as a hairsylist?
A highlight for me was being a semi-finalist for a hair color competition. I had a vision and to see it come to life and recognized was amazing. The most fun I’ve had recently was doing guerilla hair with my VAIN co-workers at an EMP event.

What are your personal style influences?
I’m a Tim Burton, classic horror, Halloween-loving kinda girl. Everything dark, goth, and witchy gets me going. Black rules my closet, but I love to get creative with layers and accessories and use lipstick to make color pop.

What’s life outside of VAIN for you?
I love spending time with my daughter, my husband, and our cat and dog!  We are new to Seattle so we like to explore new neighborhoods and restaurants. I also love watching documentaries and am learning to play guitar so my husband will have someone to jam with!