Note: Liza Jo is not accepting new clients (sorry!) -- please call VAIN downtown at 206.441.3441 to learn about our other curly hair specialists.

Ballard  206.706.2707
Downtown  206.441.3441

Curly hair specialist. Curly hair shaping and coloring. Special occasion styling + wedding hair. Thick, textured hair.

Licensed stylist since 2001. At VAIN since 2002. DevaCurl certified stylist.

What makes you the Curl Queen?
Having curly hair myself, lots of advanced training, and knowing what curly hair does and how it behaves. Curly hair is not straight hair. You can’t cut, color, or texturize it like straight hair. I had straight haircuts on my curls for the first 15 years of my life, so I know all about it!

What’s your approach with new clients?
I get to know their curls right away—every set of curls is unique and the cut and color needs to be customized to it. I ask clients what they like and don’t like about their current hairstyle and then see how I can improve on it. Face shape is a factor when figuring out how to give a new client the best haircut. I also like to ask about lifestyle and how much time clients want to spend on their hair. 

Tell us about the special occasion + wedding hair you do.
I’ll do a practice run, ask about the dress, makeup, and what their dream hairstyle would be. My goal is to be an easy part of what can be a stressful day and make them look their best.

What makes you happy as a hairstylist?
When a client sees how great their hair can look! I love to see clients embracing their curls and hear that they’re getting tons of compliments. I also like hearing that they’re able to re-create the salon look at home. That’s really important to me.

Why do you like working at VAIN?
I like what VAIN is all about and that it doesn’t look at beauty by typical standards. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I also like the non-stuffy atmosphere and that the stylists here work together as a team. Our staff is amazing.

How would you sum up curly hair?
Curly hair has a personality of its own and can make people who they are, so it needs to be treated right. That’s where I come in.