Downtown  206.441.3441

Artistic cuts + color. Corrective color. Edgy cuts + polished styles. Updos for all occasions. All kinds of extensions (braided, bonded, feathers, Skin Weft + more).

Licensed stylist since 2004. At VAIN since 2005.

What’s so great about extensions?
Extensions can give you instant gratification if you want more length, more hair, or want to add color without getting your hair dyed. Feather extensions are my new favorite—they look cool, they’re easy to put in and remove, and who doesn’t want to rock some swan style?

Besides extensions, what are your secret styling tricks?
Backcombing, backcombing, and backcombing!

What’s your favorite thing about doing hair? 
Taking an individual’s idea and helping them shape that into something unique to accent their personal style. Also I make sure to teach my clients how to style their hair at home and give them the tools to do it so they never walk out of the salon saying “my hair looks great but I’m never going to be able to recreate this.” I’m into creating styles that stay looking styled.

What’s your take on personal style?
Personal style makes you who you are and helps express what you’re all about to the world.

Interests outside of VAIN?
I paint and do photography, love music, video games, traveling, fashion, and working on my line of hair jewelry called Hair Poison by Sweet Revenge.

What advice would you give someone who wants to change up their hairstyle?
Come see me at VAIN.