West Seattle  206.535.2595

Believable blondes. Long layers. Pixies. Short cuts. Natural looking color + highlights. Curly hair. Volumizing fine hair.

Licensed stylist since 2006. At VAIN since 2014.
DevaCurl inspired stylist.

What do you love about doing hair?
So many things. First and foremost is the transformative aspect of it. That you get to see people every day who are happy to see you and leave your chair aesthetically better for it and feeling good about themselves. For better or worse, appearances have a lot to do with confidence and self-expression, and hair is such a huge part of that. I like being able to help people in that way. I like that each client is like a little project you get to see to completion in the span of an appointment, and that you get to build relationships with them over time.

You’re a short hair pro. Tell us about that.
I like doing short cuts because they’re detail oriented in a way that I find really satisfying. Traditional short hair work is so clean and precise, and pixies are fun. I see a lot of bad short hair out there and want to fix it! 

How about curly hair?
Curly hair is more like sculpture, which is fun and interesting in its own way, and I’m a huge fan of volume. It’s my mission to convince all those girls out there who think they can’t have layers that they can. My only beef with Sister Wives is their hair—those ladies need some layers!

What’s your favorite secret weapon for hair?
Mousse! It’s so easy to use and there are a lot of different varieties out there. I also like creams for curly hair and I’m a big fan of serums/oils and large round brushes. 

What’s your approach with new clients?
I’m generally pretty low-key. I like to let the clients lead the way at first so I can get a good feel for what they’re like. Beyond that, I ask questions to get a solid idea of what they do AND don’t want and make sure we’re on the same page. I like having guidance from clients because it’s their hair and I want to make sure that they love it! Pictures help, especially with color. It’s so subjective, so I like to have some visual confirmation of what our goal is.

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever received?
Work with what the client’s got. So many people want to fight their hair. In some ways, I feel like more of an editor than an artist—it’s my job to work with the raw material, refine it, and get my clients to the right cut and color so they’re working with their hair and not against it.

How did you get into doing hair?
I got into hair, kind of without even realizing it, because of my dad. He never had any formal training, but I grew up watching him cut his own hair. He was really good at it too! Seeing that as a kid growing up emboldened me to start cutting my own hair. By college I was cutting my roommate’s and boyfriend’s hair, and it just took off from there. So I really have him to thank for this.

Life + interests outside of VAIN?
I like going to see concerts and movies. Trivia nights, dining out, and dancing are also pretty high on my list of activities. Exploring the city and surrounding nature. I love being around the water and seeing how green everything is here.