West Seattle  206.535.2595

Bold coloring. Corrective cuts. Bangs of all sorts—soft, blunt, textured, short, long…you name it, I can do it. Short haircuts. Asian textured hair. Blended blondes.

At VAIN since 2005. Licensed stylist since 2005.

What’s your focus in color these days?
I love color! I specialize in bold, all-over tones. Lately I’m working on bleaching tones—going from black to blonde. It’s a long process but totally worth it in the end if you want to transform your look.

What’s your dream hair day?
Longer uncolored hair and a client ready to do anything—a blank canvas for cut + color!

What’s DIY (Do It Yourself) mean to you?
I’ve been doing my own hair since I was a kid, so I’m a big believer in DIY. I used to color my hair with magenta markers, Crayolas, whatever I could get my hands on! We’ve got great DIY products at VAIN though so I’m off the crayons. I like giving clients versatile haircuts and color that they can then take a DIY approach to, whether it’s interesting color placement or a versatile cut they can play with and shape into a fauxhawk or a completely different look. I’m always happy to show people how to do their own hair and what products to use.

Any hair secret weapons or tricks?
Backcombing and blowdrying your hair upside down. I love big hair and most people can get it if they want to. It’s not that hard.

When you’re not doing hair hair you’re…
Watching movies, buying cat litter, or sleeping. Or thinking about doing hair.