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“The next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself.”

Fine hair. Long hair. Layers and volume. Color (with consultation). Special occasion styling. Photogenic makeup that lasts all day.

What do you love about doing hair?
I love to be creative and make people feel good about themselves.  I get to work with pretty colors, pretty hair, and fun, interesting people all day long.  

What are some of your specialties?
+ Cutting and coloring fine hair. I have fine hair myself so I know it needs some extra TLC. 

+ Long hair...swingy layers, big volume, mermaid hair.  

+ Color that works with that the client already has. If the sun is giving you natural highlights, let’s accentuate that.  If you’re naturally gray or white, let’s work with it.  And I love surprise elements like a pop of veggie dye color or adding some other dimension to a more conventional hair color.  

+ Special occasion and bridal styling. Perfectly imperfect updos that are effortlessly gorgeous without looking too fussy.  

What's your secret weapon for great hair?
It’s all about finding the right products and tools. I strongly believe that you get out of your hair what you put into it, so good, high quality shampoos and styling products pay off in the long run. I’m all about educating my clients on hair care and try to keep it as simple as possible.  

In addition to doing hair you’re also a makeup artist — tell us more!
My whole approach is rooted in expressing your personal style. Makeup should make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. I specialize in photogenic, last-all-day makeup that stays put through wind, rain, tears, and endless photographs (perfect for wedding parties!) From super-subtle to super-glam and everything in between, I’ve got you covered. 

Any notable hair experiences?
I absolutely love when my clients step outside their comfort zone and try something new despite being a bit nervous at first. Recently I had a client who had never heard of veggie dye color, so I suggested that we put in a few small pieces of her favorite colors -- purples, blues, greens. She was nervous at first but when it was done she LOVED it.  That’s what VAIN is all about --  exploring your personal style.