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What do you love about doing hair and why? I love working in a creative environment and transforming a person's look and mood with a great color and cut. Doing hair for me isn't a job, it's me living my passion daily. 

What are some of your specialties? Creative, modern cuts and colors that really stand out in a crowd. I love a project, so the chance to do corrective colors is amazing. 

What's your secret weapon for great hair? Not washing it too often! Sometimes all you need is a good dry shampoo to spice up your look and give you some root lift for that effortless bedhead. 

What are your hair style influences? I'm constantly inspired by the 1960's which has influenced my work over the years. My English roots have always inspired me to keep things a little bit punk and a little bit edgy. 

What inspires you as a hairstylist? The most inspirational thing for me is my co-workers. Their personal style and how they approach hair always keeps me on my toes and is a constant source of creative inspiration. I also love Seattle street fashion and draw hair ideas from that.  

What's your approach with new clients? I want people to feel comfortable and welcomed into the salon like they are coming back home. I listen and learn from my clients so I can give them a look that will work with their lifestyle. 

What's the best hair advice you've ever been given? Don't do anything for other people's approval. Have the hair that makes you smile. 

What inspired you to become a hairstylist? I am a third generation hairstylist, it runs deep in my family. I have seen them work hard in the hair world and I wanted a piece of that for myself. 

Tell us about your education & professional experience? I apprenticed at a salon in Southern California where I then worked for 4 years before moving to Seattle. Now I'm at VAIN and continuing my creative journey in hair. 

LIfe/interests outside of VAIN? I love hanging out with my husband and our dog, Blue. I love thrift store shopping, cooking, painting and reading. I'm always up for a night of old movies and good food. 

What year did you get your license? 2010

Which location do your work at? West Seattle.