Ballard  206.706.2707
Downtown  206.441.3441

Blended natural highlights + lowlights. Color corrections. Wavy + curly haircuts. Bleach + tones. Dramatic color. Great Lengths Extensions certified.

Licensed stylist since 2007. At VAIN since 2010.
DevaCurl inspired stylist.

Tell us about the hair color work you do.
I’m really passionate about hair color, whether it’s subtle or bold. I love creating tones that reflect light and evolve over time the way hair naturally would. Subtle highlights can really give a pop to a haircut, especially one with layers. Strong colors create a confident, bold statement. 

How about working with different hair textures?
I strive to help clients work with their natural texture, whether their hair is fine and straight or coarse and wavy. There’s always a way to work with what you’ve got and enhance and polish it to make it look great.

What’s your secret weapon for great hair? 
I truly believe that anyone with wavy or curly hair should be using a curl cream of some sort to tame frizz. Particularly in this climate! It’s so easy. Overall I believe that hair doesn’t have to be high maintenance to be beautiful. There are always a few tricks that can be taught to create an easy yet effective styling routine.

Who’s your hair inspiration? 
I trained under an extremely talented stylist who has always been my inspiration. His talent came across as so effortless and easy because he lived by the creed that he preached: “don’t overthink it.’’ I learned from him that oftentimes less really is more. That applies to color (perhaps a few lightened panels of hair as opposed to a full foil) and cuts (not every cut has to be chopping long locks into a pixie—sometimes it’s just about a new bang), and styling (instead of pulling out the flat iron, try diffusing that beachy wave you’ve got).  

Describe your approach to hair. 
I believe in pretty, healthy hair with a twist, whether it be a unique color or some textured layers. I definitely like to keep up with modern styles, all the while remembering the classics. Classic cuts and colors are timeless because they are not under- or over-stated. They represent healthy, beautiful hair. 

You have a background in art. How does that help you as a hairstylist?
I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art and artistic direction and I love drawing comparisons between my education and my job. Color theory has always been my strongest subject and I very much consider hair an art form all its own. Cutting and styling is extremely sculptural and color possesses a painterly quality. Art and hair are most definitely parallel worlds. 

What’s your approach with new clients? 
I always want to help clients feel comfortable and I really listen to their needs. I ask “What is it that you DON’T like?” first so that I know what to avoid. Sometimes it’s easier to describe the dislikes than the likes. The relationship that builds between a client and a stylist is so special because stories are told, advice is given, and trust is built. There’s nothing else like it. 

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever been given? 
“Don’t overthink it.”

Life/interests outside of VAIN? 
I love to create and reconstruct clothing. One of these days I’d like to create a cohesive line of clothing to present to the public, and I will! Aside from that, I like to ride my bicycle around the city and discover all that Seattle has to offer. I enjoy creating and crafting of any kind! I construct wire sculpture, make jewelry, dabble in knitting, and do some pen and ink drawings. I’ve also started getting creative in the kitchen! I consider myself pretty dexterous so I love to keep my hands busy in and out of the salon.