Ballard  206.706.2707

Haircuts + colors customized for individual facial shapes. Defined lines + clean, asymmetrical cuts. Bangs from funky to glamorous. Extensions. Texture. Color that adds dimension. Dramatic style changes. Hair that flows!
Licensed since 2001. Studied/trained in Europe.
At VAIN since 2011. 
Hairdreams certified: 100% human hair extensions.
What do you love about doing hair and why?
I love my job because it allows me to be creative and at the same time I feel like I am making a difference in peoples’ lives. It makes my day when I see my clients leaving the salon more confident and happy. I also love to travel and as a hairstylist I can work anywhere around the globe and draw influence for what I do.
Tell us about where you’re from and any notable hair training you’ve had.
I was born and raised in southern Switzerland, about an hour from Milan, Italy. At the age of 17 I moved to Barcelona, where I lived for seven years and took classes in visagisme (cuts and colors designed for individual facial shapes) and total look. I also worked as a hairstylist in some great salons there.
How did living in Europe influence your outlook on style and hair? 
Living in Europe—the epicenter of western art, history, and fashion—definitely affected my perception of aesthetic. When I lived in Barcelona, I walked in front of La Pedrera and La Casa Batllo from Gaudi every day to get to work, which is just like dreaming with your eyes open. My seven years in Barcelona were very influential on my work as a hairstylist. Barcelona is always creating new styles in a very edgy way. It’s such a bohemian, creative place!
Describe your personal style.
I don’t have a very defined style—it changes. I used to be very edgy when I was younger (especially in my punk rock days), but now I consider myself pretty relaxed.
What’s your approach with new clients?
With new clients I like to let them tell me everything they like or don’t like about their hair and style. I like to observe what they do with their hair when they touch it and I really try to respect their personality and individuality by helping them find a cut and/or color that expresses who they are instead of just giving them whatever the fashion industry is saying is cool right now.
If you had a motto as a hairstylist, what would it be?