What do you love most about doing hair?: I love being able to interact with people and make them feel beautiful and confident. 

What are some of your specialties? I love working with all colors and textures but my favorite thing is precision haircuts, from bobs to bowl cuts to pixies. 

Secret weapon for great hair? Taking care of it once you get home. 

Style influences? Musicians and fashion icons from the 80's & 90's. 

What inspires you as a stylist? I'm really lucky that I have an amazingly talented bunch of creative friends. They inspire me daily. 

What's your approach with new clients? I always remember the first time I went to a salon and how nervous I was. When I have a new client I make sure to take my time and answer any questions they may have before we begin. My approach is to be open & understanding so it puts the client at ease. 

What inspired you to become a hairstylist? I have always been creative but worked an office job to stay on the safe side. Then I realized that I wasn't happy and pursued my dream. Now I wake up every day excited and happy to be able to do what I do! 

Education and professional experience? I graduated from the Paul Mitchell school in San Diego in 2013 then worked at a salon there for 5 years. After moving to Seattle this year, I became a stylist at VAIN. 

Which locations do you work at? Ballard and Downtown.