Downtown  206.441.3441

All sorts of blondes. Custom foil work.
Balayage for blondes and brunettes. Lowlights.
Precision cuts with texture. Long cuts with layers for volume.

Licensed stylist since 2014. At VAIN since 2018.  

What do you love about doing hair and why?
I love getting creative with another person. Working one on one with my clients to make them feel like their best, most creative and confident self is the driving force of my passion for doing hair.  

What's your secret weapon for great hair?
Product! Without the right products, you’re not going to be able to recreate your look at home. And if you’re not using the right shampoo and conditioner, your salon-fresh color will just go down the drain!  

What are your hair style influences?
For haircutting, it’s always the one and only Vidal Sassoon. My eye has always been drawn to the beauty of his geometric precision cuts. His work inspires me to create strong shapes and lines stamped with my own unique style stamped. As for color, PrettyLittleOmbre has taken my balayage skills to the next level. Her online education is EVERYTHING.

What inspires you as a hairstylist?
The fact that every day is different. I love working with clients to achieve a look that puts pep in their step!  

What's your approach with new clients?
My first step is getting to know the client’s unique style and what they’re comfortable with, which can only happen with thorough communication.  

What's the best hair advice you've ever been given?
Picture-perfect hair takes effort. Whether it’s regular maintenance visits to your stylist or styling yourself at home, great hair takes work…so go for it!  

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
As a kid I often went with my mom when she got her foils done. I remember loving the hustle and bustle and creative energy of the salon environment.

Tell us about your education and professional experience.
I did my training at a Paul Mitchell school in Connecticut. My experience there pushed me to be the most well-rounded artist I could be. I’ve been a licensed stylist since 2014 and am very serious about continuing my education throughout my career. In an industry that changes so fast, keeping up on the latest techniques and trends is key.

Life and interests outside of VAIN?
When I’m not behind the chair, I love hiking in the mountains and spending time with my friends and family.