Downtown  206.441.3441

Color of all kinds. Redhead specialist. Corrective color. Bleach and tones. Blowouts and styling.

Licensed stylist since 2003. At VAIN since 2007.

You’re a color champ at VAIN downtown. What do you like so much about doing color?
I like art and science, and color is a great combination of the two. I like creating that perfect shade to match a client’s eye color and skin tone, whether working with natural color and enhancing it or a more dramatic transformation like brown to blonde or red. I could probably foil all day -- it’s theraputic for me!

What’s your approach with those bold hair color transformations?
I always keep in mind the integrity of a client’s hair and what they can maintain with their lifestyle. If a client’s ready for a big change and I think their hair’s ready for it too, I’m all for it. 

Tell us about your experience as a hairstylist.
I studied at the Aveda Institute in New York and have done extensive Wella color education. I did hair for Fashion Week 07 and have done underground music hairstyling and color for shows and shoots in New York. I still teach myself stuff all the time. 

What color techniques are you into right now?
I’m into peekaboo highlights -- those ribbony highlights that aren’t directly on the part. They’re slightly hidden under the base highlights so you can get different effects with your hair any way you wear it.

What’s your approach with your own hair?
I do whatever I can to keep it healthy. Right now I want to get it as long as possible. I’m cool with my color now, too. I hated it as a kid, but when I got into the hair business I learned to appreciate a good red!