The Awesome-est Cause

I’ve been living in the Pacific Northwest for just over a year and the unsung heroes of the fishing industry as a part of my actual reality still totally knock my socks off. When VAIN owner Victoria Gentry rang me up one quiet Monday afternoon and asked if I’d like to hack off some fisherman’s ponytail for Locks of Love, this former Mid-Westerner was like, “You betcha!”

The rad dudes of Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch have a dangerous job, so it’s probably best that they don’t have long and luxurious locks to wrangle while hauling crabs out of the Pacific. Besides, Kodiak Engineer Adam McCalden and his sister Katie wanted to donate their hair to a great cause.

It’s surprising how little 10 inches (Locks of Love hair donation minimum length) actually looks like once it’s gone, and how much it leaves you to work with. Contrary to popular belief, there are usually many more style options than you would imagine post major lock chop.

Hair wizard Vai prepares for the first cut

The Deadliest Catch's Adam McCalden is so totally "Before" in this shot!

It was a blast to create such a major change and to help both Katie and Adam transition into their new and shorter ‘dos! Plus, it was pretty sweet that we were on Komo 4 News- let’s be real.

VAIN 4-eva,


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  1. Hey what an awesome post! It’s 1)nice to know that they donated their locks for charity, and 2)to know that you can get your hair cut and it will go to a good cause!

  2. MacMom says:

    This was great to see! I know they have been talking and planning this for a VERY long time. He was in AK and she in Iraq before they all got it sychronized. Congrats!!! KOMO didn’t save the piece, so for those of us far from Seattle this was fun to see. Thanks for the post!

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