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Hailing back to our memorable and fabulous collaborative photo shoot Discount Levaquin, , we offer a peek into the genius of VAIN stylist Rachel. Currently a full time senior stylist at VAIN Ballard, Levaquin coupon, 50mg Levaquin, Rachel is a devout anglophile and lover of all things dandified. She let that flag fly for our studio session; the result was great hair, precious teacups, Levaquin india, 100mg Levaquin, sexual tension, and beautiful bold bursts of color, Levaquin overseas. Levaquin canada, See for yourself.


Just Dandy

Drew + his hot bits // VAIN

Special thanks to real live Brit and VAIN talent Sharon for co-creating the sharp styles seen above.

Keep an eye out for another work of art from this project, Levaquin us, Levaquin japan, coming soon...

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