Rocky Horror Party Times this Friday!

September 18th, 2014
[caption id="attachment_4361" align="aligncenter" width="300"]VAIN + Rocky Horror Picture Show Parties: we do not mess around. VAIN + Rocky Horror Picture Show: we do not mess around.[/caption] Greetings, friends of VAIN Beauty World! Who's ready for a double feature? Please join us in celebration of Seattle's own Neptune Theatre this Friday, September 19th for a FREE screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" But it's more than just a screening- festivities include a costume contest, free guerilla (aka quick!) party hair and makeup services by your favorite VAIN stylists, and a live shadow casting of the film by our friends at The Vicarious Theatre Company. Because we want to make sure we can give as many guests as possible the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done with us, these sessions will be short and sweet, so please arrive early! This is an all-ages event with seating available on the main floor and in the balcony (21+ party goers welcome at the bar). Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. For more info, visit We will warn you, competition for the costume contest will be steep this year! Check out our resident makeup artist, Shannon as Dr. Frank N. Furter, our dread queen Siddal as Columbia, and last year's costume contest winner and badass VAIN hairstylist, Jamie as Magenta! So, gather up your newspapers, squirt guns and rice, and we'll make sure you end up looking like that sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania. Dig it if you can! The Neptune Theater is located at 1303 NE 45th St. If you would like to “give yourself over to absolute pleasure” at one of our three VAIN locations, give us a call: Downtown (206) 441-3441, Ballard (206) 706-2707 or West Seattle (206) 535-2595.

Oh, how we love Kevin Murphy!

September 10th, 2014
TTCheck it out, VAIN beauties! In our ongoing series of fave product posts, we have asked our dread expert, texture wizard and front desk extraordinaire, TT about some of her favorite things and she gave us the inside scoop on the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash & Rinse.

Who should use it? "Great for every hair type across the texture spectrum from fine to super curly, and anywhere in between!".

Why is it so incredible? "The Hydrate Me Rinse and Wash from Kevin Murphy is super moisturizing without weighing the hair down. I've used it on myself and my hair loves it! Boasting an exquisite blend of kakadu plum, shea butter, organic essential oils and micro algae, it's the perfect choice for all of my clients. The Rinse provides good slip if your hair becomes easily tangled and is a great conditioner for hair textures across the board. In case that wasn't convincing enough, the Hydrate Me Rinse and Wash have an amazing scent".
Stop by any of our three locations to check out our full line of Kevin Murphy products. Want to book an appointment with TT? She is at our downtown salon (206)441-3441 on Mondays and our West Seattle location (206)535-2595 on Fridays and Saturdays. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Simple Summer Style

August 8th, 2014

All winter long we've enjoyed the chic, polished look of the ballerina bun - aka the "top-knot" - but with the summer months in full swing we've been seeing a new and interesting evolution of this hair trend: the "half-up."

Seen on celebrities and Seattle babes alike (this means boys, girls and everything in between!), the half-up is much like the top-knot but with a little more wiggle room. In fact, with this hair trend, the messier the better! To master the half-up, just gather the top sections of your hair into a casual bun or two. Placement is also really casual; we've seen the half-up at almost every angle from the top of the head to the crown.


So with the city heat, long haired folks, this is the trend for you! Do it yourself or ask your favorite VAIN stylist to "half-up you" after your next cut or color.

This post by guest blogger and VAIN front desk wizard, Rain. Need a "half-up" in your life? Call any of our three locations for an appointment. VAIN downtown (206)441-3441, VAIN Ballard (206)706-2707, VAIN West Seattle (206)535-2595. We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Oh, how we love our Melissa!

July 28th, 2014
  securedownload Today we are celebrating a particularly spectacular Vainiversary. Our front desk guru, Melissa, has been a part of our family for 15 years now and we couldn't be happier! Mel is a magical creature, a soother of souls. She is an unruffler of feathers, an unfrayer of nerves, an untangler of situations. She is grace and ease under pressure. The voice of reason. The person on the other end of the phone line who can skillfully conjure up an appointment out of the most complicated circumstances. She is an immediate friend to all VAIN newcomers. She is a cornerstone, a modest pillar in our own Beauty World. She is helpful to all of those who step through our doors. She knows that a smile can change someone's day. She is the best kind of people. melw1 So today we celebrate Mel. We are so happy that she walked into our lives oh, those 15 long years ago. She has made the VAIN Beauty World a much better place and for that, we are forever indebted. Here's to you, babe. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. XO

VAIN Stylist Interview: Siddal

July 18th, 2014
We at VAIN downtown are excited to share a very special part of our hair styling team. Siddal has been at VAIN since 2012 and recently completed all of her VAIN apprentice hours to become a full time Stylist. She can be found on the cutting room floor, busy as a bee, knocking out fantastic cuts and colors on the regular. Her clients are almost always smiling, which is a great sign. And, they leave with awesome hair. Siddal loves to do dreads. Her dread work is epic, just look at her hair! VAIN Hairstylist Siddal We interviewed Siddal to get some good facts and personality flowing so you can see for yourselves what a neat person and great stylist she is. We think you will agree. Please sum yourself up in 5 or less words. Mother, artist, stylist, wife, friend (not necessarily in that order...) If you choose one thing to do repeatedly for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Arrange flowers. Feed your son homemade bread and butter. Dread redheads etc) Can't do it!! That's why I chose hair, everyone's hair is different, same reason I chose sculpture instead of production work for clay...I thrive on the problems that arise when it's always different... What is your spirit animal? Raven. A shaman told me that once, and I've had many dreams that Raven figures prominently. What is your spirit album? Depends on what's going on in my life....just went to the symphony to hear Danny Elfman's scores to Tim Burton's movies and that music def. moved my soul! Who are your style icons? Alexander McQueen's work is beautiful....not sure that I really have icons...I look around at different cultures, history, people but not at any specifics... Who are your role models? My mom, my Nana. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world on a cool project (hair related or not), what would it be? My good friend in VA who is a painter. We've talked for years about doing an installation together. Ceramic sculptures, paintings, create a world from our work blended together. What is your favorite color? I wear a lot of black but I love jewel tones, deep burgundy, emerald green, bronze.... What was your favorite hairstyle that you have ever had? Dreadlocks!!! I've had them for 9 years, def. the longest I've had an hairstyle and I don't see them coming off anytime soon.... Do you have a personal slogan, mantra, or saying? If not, try and make one up on the spot. Try something new....push out of your comfort zone. Siddal_2 What is your dream hair scenario with a client? Virgin hair ready for a brand new set of dreadlocks!! Or even a hot mess of dreads, ready to be tamed and made into something more beautiful... Do you love animals? Do you have any? Cat person or Dog person? I love animals but I'm severely allergic to them all....if I could have one I'd like a cat... What are you most proud of in the whole world? My wonderful son, Riley. If you could take any 3 items in the world with you anywhere, what would they be? ( Not people!) I never leave home without my crochet hook and a good book (real, not electronic!). I'll get back to you on the third one. If you could go back in time and be anyone for a day, who would you be? Elizabeth Siddal, model and muse of the Pre-Raphelite be a female artist in that era and try and have your work be seen, very different than our world...also to pose for painters and not be seen as a prostitute...interesting fact- she is who inspired the use of henna in the late 1800's, early 1900's! What is your favorite style era, and why? Victorian....I love the shapes of the clothes and hair. Siddal_3 This wraps up our interview, but if you want to know more, call VAIN downtown and get yourself an appointment with the lady! On another subject, have you dreadies heard about the Dollylocks line of products for dread care? Siddal loves them and so do we:) XOXO, Roxie Hunt, blogger at How-to Hair Girl and stylist at VAIN downtown

Front Desk Fancy: Met Gala Hair

July 10th, 2014
[caption id="attachment_4296" align="aligncenter" width="446"]SJP at the 2014 Met Gala: nailed it! SJP at the 2014 Met Gala: nailed it![/caption] Hello to all you VAIN Beauties! This is front desk-er extraordinaire Chelsea here, and it's time to talk updos. Summer means wedding bells, and we've got some gorgeous bridal looks to send your way. I'll be posting the front desk's favorite celeb and in-house updos all summer long! We're here to answer all your bridal hair questions and give you some hair-spiration to boot. To kick-off this series, I bring you the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker at the recent 2014 Met Gala. This famous fashionista wowed the crowd with a sophisticated update on the standard bun: big and bold and a little messy. What's not to love? This is the perfect wedding style that you don't have to worry about hair spraying into oblivion over and over throughout the day. You can easily add some flowers, as Sarah Jessica Parker has done, or a glitzy hair pin to the mix with this style, too. See you soon with another awesome bridal style, Chelsea VAIN Downtown Want to schedule a special event or bridal appointment or consultation? Call Chelsea or any one of our front desk staff at VAIN Downtown (206) 441-3441. We also offer bridal services at our West Seattle and Ballard locations.

The ShamPHree line….Shampoo-free hair care for the masses.

June 26th, 2014
shamphree Hi Babes! It's Roxie Jane Hunt here, VAIN Downtown stylist and blogger at How-To Hair Girl. It is official...... ShamPHree has launched at VAIN Beautyworld!  VAIN is fully stocked with kits and products to bring ease and beauty to your no-poo hair routine. Almost 2 years ago, I started my ShamPHree journey. It began with no-poo and spray bottles and curiosity and messy experimentation. And eventually, great hair. Then, there was a name change. ShamPHree just sounded so much nicer. Then came peri-bottles for easier application. And coconut oil. And Liquid Gold Hair Butter. And still great hair. A conversation began at HTHG. What is the recipe? How do you apply it? ShamPHree for different hair types, troubleshooting your routine, ShamPHree and color treated hair, and the science behind the method. Then, I started to hear your ShamPHree testimonials. Stories of ditching commercial hair products and going ShamPHree inspired something big for me as a hairdresser and a hair blogger. I started to see that ShamPHree is bigger than just a hair-care routine. It is about self honor, independent thinking, and positive and empowered life choices. And, great hair. The only hitch? The ShamPHree routine seems a little inconvenient for those of you who are used to a clean, easy, sudsy-ness of your basic Shampoo and Conditioner. There had to be a simple, user friendly system to make ShamPHree more accessible and fun to use. Ladies and G's.......... Along with the help of product developer Jenny M, sounding board Jonathan Mobley, designer Nikki J, artists Jose Barajas and Jesse Brown, regional organics distributer Azure Standard, local printing company Richmark Label, a bevy of willing and eager product testers, and my close friends and family, I present to you... The entire ShamPHree line   7U6A04447U6A6434IMG_9705 Two lovely Scent blends, a deep conditioning  treatment, Infused Beauty vinegar, silicone-free shine drops with heat protection, Dry ShamPHree hair powder and a Dead Sea texture wave and braid spray. And the core of the line, the ShamPHree kit, with organic, raw ACV, aluminum free BS, easy to use mixing and applying bottles, a perfect fit funnel, a measuring scoop, and a full quick-start guide. My goal with ShamPHree is to inspire those around me to love their own unique hair and to make positive and empowered life choices. I am so thrilled to share this with all of you. Today, I ask you to do me a favor. Free your Friends. They will thank you. Please share this post with your friends and family. Introduce them to an idea that might change their lives for the better. Tell them to head to VAIN to check it out.   VAIN Beauty World and Roxie Jane Hunt of HTHG are proud to introduce the ShamPHree line, now available in all 3 VAIN locations. XO, VAIN and RJH  

Word to your Mother!

May 8th, 2014
photo   With Mother's Day just around the corner, your friends here at VAIN have plenty of ideas on how to celebrate the lady that brought you into this beautiful world. How about a gift certificate so Mom can get all dolled up next time she has to come & see your next drag show/street theater/interpretive dance performance/human statue gig? Or pamper her with a Davines or Kevin Murphy luxury shampoo. Maybe some delightful, local, organic Estrella Soap. Theo Chocolate? Now, you're talking. Our boutique is stocked with Spring & Summer must-haves to say thanks to your special lady. Now, can we talk Father's Day? It's right around the corner... Want to make an appointment for your Mom? Or for the both of you? Give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon. Downtown-(206)441-3441, Ballard-(206)706-2707, West Seattle-(206)535-2595.   

Motilium For Sale

February 12th, 2014

photo 1 Motilium For Sale,  

Valentine's Day is just a few days away and your friends here at VAIN want to make sure your favorite guy or gal feels the love. 30mg Motilium, Whatever the day has in store for you, we have some gifts that will make even Cupid green with envy, Motilium india. 50mg Motilium, At all three of our boutiques, all jewelry is currently buy one, 1000mg Motilium, Motilium coupon, get one half off. Perfect for anyone who wants to shower their loved one with bling or for you polyamorous folks who need more than one special gift, Motilium uk. Motilium paypal, We also have delicious Theo Chocolate including their limited edition V-day Cinnamon Crunch bar and their Aphrodisiac Confection Collection.

Lastly, pamper your other half with a VAIN gift certificate tucked into one of our cheeky Valentine's Day cards, Motilium For Sale. They'll love you forever for it...or at least until Saturday the 14th, Motilium overseas. 150mg Motilium, Come into any of our locations for your love-soaked needs. Downtown:2018 1st Ave., 100mg Motilium, Motilium us,  Ballard:5401 Ballard Ave. NW, Motilium craiglist, Motilium mexico, West Seattle: 4513 California Ave. SW, Motilium australia. 200mg Motilium, We look forward to seeing you again. 

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Discount Motilium

January 23rd, 2014

pie Discount Motilium,  

Are you a pie fan. Want to help find a cure for ovarian cancer, Motilium craiglist. 50mg Motilium, Well you're in luck. The 12th annual Pie Party to benefit the Marcia Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer is this weekend in scenic Ballard, 100mg Motilium. 20mg Motilium, This is a magical night that celebrates National Pie Day while raising thousands of dollars for research. Come and sample a myriad of tasty treats, both savory and sweet, Discount Motilium. There is a raffle with tons of prizes including gift certificates from your friends here at VAIN, Motilium usa. 200mg Motilium, It  is a wonderful evening full of music, food and surprises, 150mg Motilium. 250mg Motilium, It all goes down this Saturday, January 25th, 1000mg Motilium, 30mg Motilium, 6:30pm-10:00pm at the Salmon Bay Ballard FOE located at 5216 20th Ave. NW, Motilium india. Discount Motilium, You can either bring a delicious pie to donate as admission, or pay $10 at the door. Motilium japan, So come hungry, pie fans, Motilium australia. Motilium uk, Bring all of your friends. There is a full bar and a pie buffet, Motilium overseas. Motilium ebay, What more could you want.

If you are the lucky winner of a VAIN gift certificate, 10mg Motilium, Motilium us, give us a call to book your appointment or stop by one of our 3 locations. Ballard 5401 Ballard Ave (206)706-2707, Motilium mexico, 40mg Motilium, Downtown 2018 1st Ave. (206)441-3441, Motilium canada, Motilium coupon, West Seattle 4513 California Ave. SW (206)535-2595. , Motilium paypal. 750mg Motilium. 500mg Motilium.

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No RX Motilium

December 19th, 2013

photo (3) No RX Motilium, For all you last minute holiday shoppers, your time has come. We are having a three day shopping event at all of our VAIN boutiques, 250mg Motilium. Motilium usa, Starting this Friday, Dec, 10mg Motilium. 30mg Motilium, 20th through Sunday, Dec, 1000mg Motilium. Motilium overseas, 22nd, all of our jewelry will be BO-GO-HO, 20mg Motilium. What that means is, for every jewelry item you purchase, you can get a second piece of jewelry of equal or lesser value at half the price, No RX Motilium. Motilium uk, We have lots of different styles to choose from for everybody on your list. Perfect statement pieces or simple stocking stuffers, 750mg Motilium. Motilium japan, All necklaces, earrings, 150mg Motilium, Motilium mexico, bracelets and rings. Or if your shopping is already finished, Motilium ebay, 100mg Motilium, treat yourself to a splash of bling for that New Year's Eve party. No RX Motilium, You'll look like a million bucks, but thanks to your friends at VAIN, still have plenty of cash left over to pop some champagne bottles. We won't tell a soul, Motilium us. Motilium paypal, photo (2)Come and visit us at all 3 Vain locations. Downtown: 2018 1st Ave, 200mg Motilium. 500mg Motilium, (206)441-3441, Ballard: 5401 Ballard Ave, Motilium india. Motilium coupon, NW (206)706-2707, West Seattle: 4513 California Ave, Motilium canada. 40mg Motilium, SW (206)535-2595. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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Buy Motilium No Prescription

December 9th, 2013


Buy Motilium No Prescription, This Thursday, December 12th, VAIN West Seattle is proudly hosting an art spectacular like no other. 40mg Motilium, "Midnight Wildlife" will feature the amazing & anthropomorphic art of Christine Larsen. Her amusing animals take on such natural human characteristics, Motilium craiglist, Motilium ebay, you will fall in love with them immediately and want them adorning all of your walls.

Alongside Christine's original paintings and prints, another type of art will bloom, Motilium usa. 750mg Motilium, Talented VAIN stylist Samantha Brown will adorn live models with woodland flora & fauna inspired tonsorial creations to mingle amongst the party guests. Sam is the perfect combination of talent, 150mg Motilium, Motilium india, genius & originality.

The opening night party kicks off at 6:00pm. Refreshments and treats will be served, Buy Motilium No Prescription. Much fun will be had, Motilium canada. Motilium uk, Please, come and join us, 30mg Motilium. 20mg Motilium, We will be open late for your shopping pleasure, so take a spin through our boutique for all of your holiday gift needs.

And did I mention the iced jungle animal cookies?

Want to check out Christine Larsen's art online, Motilium paypal. Motilium mexico, Check out her website. Want to make a hair appointment with Samantha, 200mg Motilium, Motilium coupon, or any of our talented stylists. Give our front desk a call, 100mg Motilium. 1000mg Motilium, West Seattle: (206) 535-2595, Downtown: (206) 442-3441, 10mg Motilium, Motilium australia, Ballard: (206) 706-2707. We look forward to seeing you at the party! 

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