perfect brows . all manner of waxing . lash + brow tinting . true-to-you event makeup

What’s your approach with new clients?
I strive to make all of my clients feel absolutely comfortable, regardless of the type of service. Whether it’s the first time we’re meeting or we’ve known each other for years, you can trust that I’ll be open and share my opinions and suggestions with you. Plus I’m a bit of a perfectionist so you know you’ll leave with a flawless look.

What inspires you in your work?
People who are excited about what we’ll do together. It might be that you can’t wait to get new eyebrows. Or maybe it’s your wedding and yes it’s stressful but you can’t wait for all the amazing experiences you’re going to have that day. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious and a great source of inspiration.

What are your specialties?
+ Big, bold, beautiful brows! Seriously, I love a great brow. I love being able to look at someone’s eyebrows and know exactly what needs to be done while I collaborate with them to create that perfect brow that will fit their personality and style. I wax, trim, thread, tweeze, and tint…whatever needs to be done to make that brow amazing for that person.

+ Wedding makeup. I love sitting down with brides-to-be and their bridal parties and working together to come up with a perfect look that’s fun, photogenic, and true to who they are. My goal with wedding makeup is creating a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident. I want you to look at your wedding pictures and see yourself, your partner, and your special day—not your makeup. For some people, this may mean a classic look with contouring and natural colors to enhance what they’ve already got. For others, it’s a dramatic cat eye with a bright red lips. I’m open to any direction you want to go and will make sure you still feel like you! 

How did you come to be part of VAIN?  
I came to VAIN in 2008 wanting to get away from the typical spa atmosphere. VAIN’s emphasis on mastering your craft and expressing your individual style is a great fit for me—I love it here! I did my training from Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma and have been licensed since 1997. Initially, I was a laser hair removal technician and later a spa director and lead esthetician, which gave me the opportunity to travel doing makeup for photo shoots, hair shows, and fashion shows and training fellow makeup artists throughout the country.

Life/interests outside of VAIN?
All kinds of things—creating cake top banners for my Etsy store Belinda The Bold, making art of all kinds, getting back into gardening. Who knows what’s next!