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Pretty haircuts with an edge. Short, geometric minimalism. Soft modern updos + vintage inspired looks. Curly hair. Fine hair. Color from natural to bold and bright (by consultation). Sleek styles to beachy, deconstructed textures.

Licensed stylist since 2008. At VAIN since 2011.

What’s your approach with new clients?
I never just ask “what are we doing today?” A great consultation takes a conversation: what look you’re going for, what you’re not going for, what your daily maintenance routine is. I want to make sure you’re getting the best haircut and/or color for your personal style and your comfort level.

You’re a self-described hair product junkie. Tell us more.
I’m pretty much obsessed with product. I’ve even memorized pH levels in conditioners! I believe there’s a right product or product combination for everyone, even for product minimalists. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a haircut can automatically give you a hairstyle. While that may be true in some circumstances, product is typically the star player in a hairstyle.

What are some of your favorites?
I was trained in a Davines salon, so those products definitely make the list. In general, I tend to gravitate toward more natural, sustainable products but my favorites vary from client to client depending on their hair needs. The holy trinity for me is generally a texturizing paste, a smoothing serum, and hairspray.  

Tell us about the updated looks and pretty cuts with an edge that you specialize in.
I like to take the classics and put my own spin on them.  For instance, taking a soft, long layered haircut and putting a short, angular fringe on it, or undercutting a simple bob to change the way it falls. I also love asymmetry. It’s a fantastic way to funk up a classic shape.

What about short haircuts? 
I like 60s' inspired classic minimalist lines and modern textured crops. Anything from pompadours to mohawks and fashion mullets. And the details--always the details! In a short cut there are no swingy layers to hide behind, so it’s all about the fine tuning.

What would you tell someone who’s unsure about making a change to their hair?
I would say if you’re not nervous you’re not ready! Being nervous comes with change. But switching up your look doesn’t always have to be drastic. It can be as simple as getting bangs or changing your part. My advice is to bring in pictures to help communicate your ideas and talk it through with your stylist so you leave the salon looking good and feeling confident. If a concept is unclear when you sit in my chair,  I’d love to design a style for you, and I’d be happy to illustrate my vision before we start.

What’s your take on personal style?
I crave change and am known for changing my hairstyle often. Fashion, travel, and my mood also influence my personal style and how it evolves. So do indigenous cultures--even if it’s indigenous Texas!
What’s life like for you when you’re not at VAIN?
Hanging out with my husband and friends, working out feverishly, practicing yoga and breathing deeply, and getting home to Hawaii to visit family and soak up the sun and surf as often as possible. I learned how to fly a helicopter on a cross-country trip last year, which was incredible. Also, indulging my boot fetish--I’m in the right city for it!