Downtown 206.441.3441 

Long, wavy hair. Classic bobs.
Color from subtle to expensive-looking fashion bright.
All kinds of blondes. Color correction. 

Licensed stylist since 2009. At VAIN since 2016.

What do you love about doing hair?
I love the transformation process that comes with a great cut and color. It’s one of the few things a person can do in a short amount of time to change their appearance and make themselves feel awesome. I especially love using color to enhance a cut. Subtle, complexion-enhancing color and polished fashion colors that wear well in professional settings are two of my favorites. Whether a client wants their look to whisper or shout, I work with them to make their vision happen.  

What's your secret weapon for great hair?
Hot tools and regular deep conditioning treatments. Almost everyone’s hair needs at least a little effort to make it look its best.

What are your hair style influences?
Bridget Bardot, Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Wood, Gwen Stefani, and Lady Gaga. I love how these ladies’ looks are classic but never stagnant. They’re not afraid to make changes but are also fully aware of what works best for them.  

What inspires you as a hairstylist?
Color was my first love. When I began art classes in school, I loved how I could create any shade I wanted. The strong knowledge of color theory I acquired through that training has helped me be a better hairstylist.

Nature and travel inspire me as well. When I saw Thailand’s teal waters, with their interplay of blues and greens, I immediately thought “how amazing would that be as a hair color?” And I love France and Italy for their street styles and lived-in, tousled looks. Women there have a great sense of polished cool.  

What's your approach with new clients?
Communication is key. I ask about particular trouble areas and find out more about the client’s daily life and routine, using descriptive words and photos to better understand what the client is going for. I always recommend bringing a photo (or three!) to your consultation so that we know we’re both on the same page. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

What's the best hair advice you've ever been given?
Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair. Unlike towels, which can be rough on your hair, the water sinks into the fabric without making your hair frizz. This method is great for curly-haired folks who are all too familiar with frizzy hair fiascos. It’ll get your hair dry without disrupting your natural curl pattern.

What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
I'm an artist to my core, so when I first discovered the cosmetology field, it was easy to see that hair was another medium for imagination. Being a hairstylist lets me live authentically by creating wearable art for my clients every day.  

Tell us about your education and professional experience.
I’ve worked in the field for over a decade, ever since my first salon job as an assistant at age 15. I constantly seek out opportunities to learn more about my art. As a stylist, I’ve been fortunate to work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds, which has been an education in itself. I was also lead hairstylist and colorist for a local TV news station, so I understand how hair color presents on film and in photos. I use this expertise to help bridal clients find the right color for their special day.  

Life/interests outside of VAIN?
I'm the typical PNW transplant that has learned to love hiking and the great outdoors. I've been searching for Bigfoot since I moved here and one day will find the true answer! When I'm not behind the chair, you can find me taking overnight trips to eat at a particular restaurant or shop for cool jewelry. I've also learned to bake in the last couple years, so I'm often making a mess in the kitchen.